Hibiscus flavoured Sandesh


Hibiscus extract 1 table spoon.

Milk (Full Cream).- 1 litre.

Lemon juice – 1 table spoon

Sugar(powdered) – 2 table spoons

Milk powder -2 table spoons.

Glazed Cherries for decorating or garnishing – 5-6 Pieces halved.

Cardamom – 1/4 spoon (powdered)


Boil the milk and as it boils add a table spoon of

lemon juice and stir it.

When the milk starts curdling put off the flame and allow it to curdle well for about 1 to 2 minutes.

Cover a vessel with a Muslim cloth and pour the mixture into the vessel. The whey that collects at the bottom of the vessel can be used as a substitute for water while making roti or can be mixed with curd and consumed as it’s nutritious.

Once the whey is drained completely, just add a cup of water and drain that too squeezing the water. Hang the cloth with the Chenna so the excess water is drained.

Now in a big deep bowl take the chenna and mix the sugar, the hibiscus syrup or extract, milk powder and cardamom.

Knead it lightly and see that it’s not too dry. It has to be like a moist Dough.

Now on low heat keep stirring it until it turns into a smooth dough.

Allow it to cool and now make small balls and shape them into pedas with the help of your palms.

I just put them on a small square baking tin lined with a baking sheet and allowed it to cool.

Run a knife and cut them into small square bits and place a halved cherry on the top and press them lightly.

Refrigerate for about half an hour or so and enjoy them.

A litre of milk gets you about 12 pieces of sandesh.

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