Coloured peppers with quinoa feta cheeses


This is an absolutely yummy and colourful dish. The lemon zest added enhances the taste.. A delicious and fulfilling meal in itself.

Feta cheese – 4 table spoons crumbled.

Red pepper – 1/2 of a whole pepper

Green pepper – 1/2

Yellow pepper – 1/2

Lemon /lime zests – of one lemon/lime.

Red paprika flakes – 1 spoon(small)

parsley or cilantro – 1 handful.chopped.

Oregano/ mixed herbs – few pinches.

Red Onions -2

Garlics cloves – 5-6

Pine seeds – 1 spoon toasted

Lemon juice – 1 spoon

Coarsely ground pepper – 1/4 spoon.

Quinoa – 1/2 cup.

Hot water – 1.5 cups

Olive oil – 3 table spoons.


Apply a little oil to the surface of the halved pepper to which a few drops of lemon drops and pinches of salt is applied.

Bake the halves of the coloured peppers in the oven until they’re soft on the inside but slightly charred and crisp on the edges.

This may take about 15 minutes.

Simultaneously in a saucepan add the water and few drops of olive oil and salt.

Cook the quinoa on low flame tossing in between on a closed lid.

It may take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Mince the garlic, onions and parsley red coriander leaves.:

Chop the pine nuts.

Heat a pan and take 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Add the garlic, chopped onions and red pepper flakes and sauté for about 2 to 3 minutes until the onions are translucent and the garlic is fragrant.

Turn off gas, then stir in the cooked quinoa, pine nuts and finely chopped parsley or cilantro, paprika, oregano or mixed herbs,lemon juice,lemon zest, sea salt and black pepper.

Taste and add another few pinches of salt to taste.

Spoon the filling into the roasted pepper halves.

Garnish with feta cheese crumbles and bake for another 10 mins.

Serve the remaining filling at the sides with sliced avocado.

Feta cheese has salt so be mindful on how much salt you may need to add.

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