Watermelon Dosa

Water melon dosa is one such dosa which has a lovely pinkish colour but also very yummy and fluffy. I loved the taste. It tastes delicious with freshly churned homemade butter and pickle or chutney powder. It’s only cooked on one side and the pores on the dosa makes it more fluffy and soft.


White Idli Rice – 1 cup

Split Black gram dal(urad dal) – 1 handful.

Fenugreek seeds – 1 spoon

Water melon – 1/2 cup

Method:Sugar – 4 table spoons

Wash the dal and rice in an utensil

Soak it for a minimum three to four hours

Soak methi/fenugreek seeds in a small bowl in about three tablespoons of water.

After about four hours grind the dal and rice to a smooth consistency batter adding about half cup of water. Then add the methi seeds and grind all of it for about thirty seconds

Transfer the batter to a big utensil as the batter will rise during the fermentation process which takes about eight to ten hours

Now sprinkle salt as per taste aver the batter and cover the utensil with a lid and allow the batter to ferment.

After eight to ten hours mix the batter well.

Take half cup of fresh watermelon juice to which half cup sugar is added and mix the batter well.

Now the batter is ready for preparing the dosa.

Heat a dosa pan and add a ladle of the batter and spread it a little. Just sprinkle some oil and reduce the heat. Cover the pan with a lid and allow it to cook. It takes about two to three minutes to cook.

Now slowly loosen the sides with a turner and transfer the dosa to a plate.

Enjoy soft fluffy dosa with butter and chutney powder.

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