Sesame milk with sabja/Tukmaria seeds

This is an unique combination of a healthy drink which is not only rich in antioxidants but also nutritious and delicious. Best enjoyed during summer. Since sesame is heat generating in nature adding Tukmaria seeds(also called as Sabja or sweet basil in India) makes it cooling..

Best enjoyed cold/ refrigerated.


Sesame seeds – 2 table spoons roasted.

Jaggery powder – 2 tablespoons

Cold Milk – 2 cups.

Cardamom pods – 2 . (Peeled and powdered).

Tukmaria/Sabja seed – 2 table spoons.(Soaked in half cup of water).


In a blender add all the above ingredients Except the Tukmaria/sabja seeds and blend them.

Take a strainer and strain it and pour them in glasses.

Now add a tablespoon each of the Sabja/Tukmaria seeds over each cup and mix it lightly.

The soaked seeds bloat and act as a coolant.

Enjoy it cold or at room temperature.

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