Pink Ruby Chocolate Mousse

Had some Ruby chocolates lying around for quite sometime. Finally today I decided to make something from them. Never liked the tangy berry like flavour in a chocolate. Tried making this mouse which came out perfect though would have loved if the colour could have been a little darker. The taste was very good and so was the texture.


Milk powder -5 table spoons

Hot water 1.5 cups

Cream 2 table spoons

1 spoon sugar

Ruby chocolates grated 2 table spoons

vanilla essence 2 to 3 drops

China grass 2 inch piece or gelatine 1 spoon

strawberries 2 thinly sliced

grated pink ruby chocolate for garnishing


In half a cup of hot water dissolve the China grass bits or gelatine.

In another glass of hot water dissolve the milk powder and then add the water to which the gelatine is added and heat it.

Now add the grated pink ruby bits to this and mix well

Now add the sugar and mix well. As the mixture thickens and becomes viscous put off the flame.

Add the vanilla essence and finally the milk cream and transfer them to the glass bowls or cups and allow to set.

When it comes to room temperature keep it in the refrigerator for about three hours.

You may Un mould them on a serving dish or use as is.

Garnish with the grated pink chocolate bits and also slices of strawberries.

Enjoy them cold.


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