Amla Panna (Goose Berry)

This is a tangy spicy cooler which is normally prepared in summer to beat the heat, energise and cool the system.

Very refreshing, nutritious and appetising drink.

Medium sized amla -10 to 12

Jaggery – 3

Pepper corns -10 to 12

Ginger – 1 inch piece

Black salt/Kala namak – as per taste.

Cold water.2 cups.

Cut the amla bits into thin slices and add 2 cups of water and steam it for about 10 mins.

Then coarsely grind the pepper corns, ginger and keep aside.

Blend the the steamed amla and strain it.

Now add jaggery, and the ginger peppercorn mixture and black salt.

Mix well and serve the Panna.

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