Fruity salad

This fruity salad is a healthy one preferably prepared just before having it.

Tossed in a few segments of Pink Pomelo which were sweet sour and crunchy. To give sweet and tangy effect added some juicy pomegranate seeds, sliced cucumber,onion chopped finely and sliced tomato.

I prefer making this salad every time I want to clear the veggies in the refrigerator. Colourful, healthy and satisfying as well.


Pink Pomelo – 4-5 segments

Cucumber – 1 sliced

Tomato – 1 Big one sliced

Onion – 1 Medium sized sliced finely

Pomegranate seeds – 2 table spoons

Flax seeds – 1 table spoon roasted and coarsely ground

Green chilli – 1 sliced

Black Pepper – as per taste

Salt – as per taste.


In a bowl add in the segments of Pomelo, sliced cucumber, sliced tomato, finely sliced onion, green chillies sliced and salt and pepper as per ones taste. Toss them together and just before serving sprinkle the ground flax seeds.

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