Thandai(my style😉)

A coolant which is non intoxicating minus the

bhaang. Healthy, nutritious and also a energy drink to beat the summer heat.


Fennel seeds-1/2 T spn

Pepper corns-10-12

Poppy seeds-1/2 T spn

Mace-smaller than a pea

Soaked and skinned Almonds-15


Melon and sunflower seeds-1.5 Tspn

Cardamom-6-7 pods

Saffron strands-6-7


Milk-2+1 cups

Dried rose petals-1/2 T spn

Gulkand-1/4 spn.


Refrigerate 2 cups of milk.

Take all the above ingredients and powder them in a mixie.

Now heat a cup of milk and add the above mixture and cook well till it thickens and as it gets thicker put off the flame.

Allow to cool.

Mix it into the refrigerated milk.

Mix well and refrigerate it until it’s cold.

Pour in the cups and garnish with fresh rose petals and nuts .

I have not added any sugar as the dates and gulkand already are sweet.

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