A popular dessert in the Eastern and Northern Europe which is made from fruits,dry fruits and juices and thickened with Cornstarch,Arrowroot or Potato starch.

Tastes good both warm or refrigerated.

I have thickened it with arrowroot and fruit juice.


1 cup of mixed fruits cut into small pieces.

(I have used green grapes, peaches, dry apricots, strawberries, raisins,pineapple , orange and apple.)

Mixed nuts like almonds and cashew nuts.

1/2 cup of any juice.

(I have used mixed fruit)

Brown sugar-1 table spoon.

Arrow root powder-1 spoon.

Red wine-1/4 cup.


Heat a pan and caramelise the brown sugar and add the fruit juice, wine and arrowroot powder.

Whisk it as it gets cooked and thickens.

Now add the chopped nuts and the cut fruits and sauté them for 2 minutes. Put off the flame and mix them well.

Kisiel is now ready and can be enjoyed warm or cold.

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