Dal Makhni

This is one rich creamy dal which is cooked on low flame continuously for 15 mins or more. Tastes yummier the next day…


* Whole Black Gram 1/2 cup

* Red Kidney Beans 2 tablespoons

* Salt to taste

* Tomatoes roughly chopped 3 medium

* Garlic roughly chopped 8-10 cloves

* Ginger roughly chopped 1 1/2 inch piece

* Oil 2 teaspoons

* Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon

* Red chilli powder 1 teaspoon

* Garam masala powder 1 teaspoon Ghee /Butter-2 table spoon cream

Kasturi methi-1/2



Soak sabut urad and rajma overnight in three cups of water. Drain. Pressure cook sabut urad and rajma in three cups of water with salt till completely cooked and soft. Grind together tomatoes, garlic and ginger to a smooth puree.

Heat oil in a non-stick deep pan. Add cumin seeds. When they begin to change colour add the tomato puree and stir. Simmer for five minutes. Mash the urad and rajma slightly and add to the tomato mixture. Add red chilli powder, ghee or butter,garam masala powder and mix. Simmer for fifteen minutes. Serve hot with cream and Kasturi methi.

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