Vanilla & Chocolate Mousse

White chocolate-1/2grated

Dark chocolate-1/2 cup

Cream-1/4 cup

Vanilla beans /essence-1/2 spn

Whipped cream-1/2 cup

Method: take dark and white chocolate separately in two bowls and in a double boiler melt them.Warm cream and mix half of it each into the dark chocolate and white chocolate mixture and mix them lightly.Add in the whipped cream(half of it in the white chocolate and dark chocolate )into the mixture and mix well.

Now take two piping bags and put the two mixtures in it and take a cup and pour half of each into the cups.

You may use your creativity and decorate and garnish the dessert with your choice of fruits,dry fruits or cake.

This is Master Chef Sanjeev kapoor’s recipe.

I have tweaked a little and added 1 inch piece of China grass dissolved in two table spoons of milk and later mixed it to warm cream and mixed them in the two chocolate mixtures to have a set Mousse instead of using the piping bags.

Also added at spn of cocoa powder for a darker chocolate.

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