Meaning Rice with Almonds,

This is a traditional Danish pudding relished on the eve of Christmas. The rice is cooked in milk and then mixed with whipped cream,soaked almonds and served cold with warm Cherry sauce, which makes it a rich,delicious and creamy dessert.


Rice-1/2 cup

Milk-2 cups

Vanilla beans or essence-1 spn

Almonds-1/4 cup(soaked, skinned and chopped)

Brown sugar-3 table spoons

Whipped cream-1/4 cup

Cherry sauce-1/4 cup


Cook rice in enough water and when it’s almost half cooked add milk and keep cooking until it’s done over low heat and closed lid for about 19 mins.

Now add the chopped almonds and sugar and mix well.Using a knife scrape off the vanilla from the beans add add it to the cooked mixture.once it’s cool refrigerate the pudding.

In a seperate bowl whip the cream and fold the mixture into the pudding.

Risalmande is now ready to be served with warm cherry sauce.

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