Russian Salad:

This is creamy rich and colourful salad is served in Russia on the eve of New year.Its more popular in the Baltic though the name varies.

The veggies are cooked lightly and then tossed in mayo and cream and fruits like pineapple and strawberries are also tossed in.Egg lovers can also add boiled eggs. Goes well with bread.


Vegetation Mayonnaise-1 table spoon

Salt to taste

Brown sugar-1 spn

Cream 2 table spoon

A cup full of the following vegetables and fruits.

Beans-3 pods chopped into bits.

4 Spinach leaves balanced.

2 table spoons Green peas

Carrot-1/2 piece chopped

Potato -1 small skinned and cut into small pieces

2 slices of Pineapple Diced

3 straw berries sliced.

In 1.5 cups of water first blanch the Spinach and remove and run through cold water and keep aside.

In the same water add diced carrots and peas.see that it’s cooked just right as the nutrients are lost.

The lastly add potato bits followed by chopped beans.

Strain them and then add sliced pineapple and strawberry bits.

Add salt and mix well.

Now in a bowl add the mayonnaise and cream beat well. Add the sugar and the vegetable and fruits kept aside.

Mix well and refrigerate.

Goes well with bread.

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