Pointed Gourd Kheer(Parwal Ka kheer)


Milk powder-1/2 cup

Pointed Gourd (Parwal)


Soda Bi carbonate-1 pinch

Cardamom powder-1/4spn

Water-1/2 cup

Nuts-2 spoons.

Almonds soaked and skinned 5

Brown sugar 3 table spoons.


Skin the parwals into small thin pieces.

In a small pan boil enough water to cook the parwals.

Add a pinch of soda bi carbonate to the boiling water and cook the parwals for about 3-4 mins.(This helps to retain the green colour of the parwals)

Strain and keep aside.

Now in a blender put the milk powder, skinned almonds and water and blend it.

Cook the mixture on low flame.

Add in the parwal pieces and then the cardamom and brown sugar.cook for about 3 more mins.The kheer is done as the mixture thickens.Garnish with Nuts.

Tastes good when it’s cold(refrigerated)

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