Parwal Ka Meethai(pointed Gourd)o

  • 7-Parwals (firm ones) skinned , slit and deseeded.
  • Khoya/Mawa-1 cup
  • Sugar-2 table spoons(preferably brown Sugar)
  • Cardamom powder-1/4 son
  • Almonds and Pista -5 each sliced thinly.
  • Saffron-5-6 strands to garnish.
  • Milk powder-2 table spoons
  • Soda bi carbonate-1 pinch
  • Silver Warq(Silver leaf/German paper(Optional for decorating)

For the syrup

1/2cup water

1/2 cup sugar.

1 spoon milk(to clear any particles which comes on the top while making the sugar syrup)

Heat and make a light sticky syrup and add milk while it boils.


In a non stick pan cook the khoya for about 2-3 mins.

Add 2 tablespoons of sugar, Cardamom powder and half of the sliced almonds,pistachio and cardamom powder. 

Keep it aside to come to normal temperature.

Divide them into seven portions to stuff inside the parwals.

Take about two cups of water and heat it. Add a pinch of Soda bi carbonate to the water. ( this helps in retaining the green colour of the parwals)

Add the parwals and cook for about 2 minutes. 

Now drain them on a tissue and then add them to the sugar syrup and cook for a min and remove the parwals from the sugar syrup, drain them and allow it to cool.

When the khoya mixture cools take a parwal and stuff the khoya mixture and then garnish with sliced pistachio and almonds. 

Also decorate them with strands of Saffron and silver sheets or warq.

Follow the same procedure with the rest of the parwals.

Refrigerate them and enjoy!

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