Amaranth bakri

  • Amaranth flour-1.5 cups
  • Water-1/2 cup
  • Salt to taste.
  • Take a vessel and heat water in it. When it starts to boil put off the flame.
  • Now take a mixing bowl and add 1 cup flour. Make a well in the middle and add salt and the water and mix well with a spatula. When it begins to cool start kneading the dough as in Jowar bakri.
  • Divide them into equal portions or balls. Use the flour kept aside for dusting and using your palms and fingers lightly pressing them roll them into bakri.
  • Make them on the tava on a medium flame. Before flipping just brush some water over the bakri to prevent it from drying. Flip them and once cooked remove the rotis on a towel and cover them to keep them moist. Follow the same method with the remaining bakri’s.

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