Chakkuli’s are savouries which are normally made in most of the Indian households during festivals.

Learnt these from a friend who used to share them whenever she used to prepare them.

They are so crispy and melt in the mouth kind of snack and a good accompaniment with evening tea or coffee.

Do try them and will be glad to know the outcome.


  • Urad dal- 1 small cup. (Preferably a small vati)
  • Rice flour- 5 to 6 vati

(depending on the quality of the rice flour)

  • Butter-1.5 table spoon.
  • Chilli pdr-1 spoon (optional)
  • Hing-1/4 spoon
  • Ajwain-1/4 spoon
  • Sesame seeds (black) a 1/4 spoon
  • Salt to taste.


Wash the urad dal and add enough water to just soak the urad dal.

After twenty minutes, pressure cook the urad dal for about 5-6 whistles and allow to cool.

Now take a kadai and add the butter, salt, chilli powder, hing,ajwain and the cooked urad dal and mix well.

With the back of the ladle press it slightly as you mix. Now slowly add in the rice flour and keep mixing it.

The dough should be firmer than chapathi dough but not too hard.

Normally five vati’s of rice flour will be sufficient.

If the dough is too soft , you may add another vati of rice flour.

As you mix you will realise if you need to add more rice flour.

When the dough is ready keep it covered with a wet cloth.

Heat the oil ready for frying the chakkuli’s

Apply some oil inside the mould and take a small ball of dough and put the dough into the murukku press and press the dough into chakkulis on a plastic plate or sheet and deep fry them on medium heat till golden brown.

Spread the fried chakkuli’s on a kitchen towel so that it cools.

Fry them to golden brown and put them on a platter covered with kitchen towel.

Please Note:

The oil should be hot while frying the chakkulis and after that slowly reduce to medium heat.

The butter quantity should not be increased as the chakkulis get soggy and break.

Pl note that u may keep the excess water from the cooked urad dal aside and use if necessary while mixing the dough.

The quantity of rice flour needed may vary based on the quality of the rice flour.

Instead of chakkulis one can also make murukkus which are easier and less time consuming.

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