Mango n Vanilla custard with cream,fresh n dry fruits


Chopped Mango bits-1/4 cup

Chopped Strawberries -1/4 cup

Chopped Musk melon-1/4 cup

Cream-3 table spoons.

Apricots-2 chopped

Figs-2 chopped

Walnuts-2 chopped

Almonds n cashewnuts 3 eachchopped

Raisins-2 spns

Vanilla custard:

Take a cup of milk and heat it. Take 2 spoon full of vanilla custard powder and 2 spoons of sugar and  make a smooth paste and add it slowly to the hot milk and cook until it gets thick. Put off the flame  and keep aside to cool. Mix 2-3 deops vanilla essence and using a whisk mix well.

When cool refrigerate.

Mango custard:

Add 2 spoons full of Mango custard to a little milk n keep aside. Heat a pan and add a cup of milk and when it starts heating add the custard powder  and 2 spoons of sugar. Mix well with a whisk as it thickens and put off the gas n allow to cool. When cool refrigerate  and allow to set.

Take the cream in a bowl and whisk it slightly and keep aside.

Now take two glasses or bowl and  you can add the  dry fruits,Mango pieces, then a layer of mango custard topped by cream,strawberries and then a layer of  vanilla custard,musk melon followed by mango custard and then the dry fruits.Top it with cream and enjoy the custard.

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